Standard message translation for Portuguese.

Good morning I made an application in Cuba and now I’m translating for Portuguese. There is a default system message that I can not translate. When a change is made to a record of a screen and the user clicks the button to leave the system the message is in English.
Follow the print of the message.

tradução imcompleta


Have you looked at our translations repository at Github?

It contains Portuguese translation as well. Please let us know if you have any trouble using it.

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Hi ,
Thanks for the info, I was able to use the Github translation and it worked perfectly.

Hi Juliano

I’ve made that portuguese translation a few months ago, it’s what I am using.
In the meanwhile I’ve continued to update and correct it, I send you my actual version.
It’s a lot more complete and correct.
Hope is useful, I ask Konstantin to update the GitHub project if he so wishes.

Best Regards,

translation-portuguese.rar (51.0K)

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Hi Pedro,

Could you please send us translations for CUBA and Reports separately as they are organized here: translations/content/en/6_4 at release_6_4 · cuba-platform/translations · GitHub

Also, please notice that translations structure has been changed for versions 6.5 and 6.6, now it is much more compact and easy to track. See GitHub - cuba-platform/translations at release_6_5