Standard Filter, filter when the user Press Enter


I have already implemented the FTS filter and it works filtering the data when the user hits enter, the problem is our users had created more specific filters and saved them, and they loose time filling the fields and then clicking on the search button, so the use case will be when the hit enter over any of the fields from the standar filter fire the filtering action and there is no way or at least i didn’t find a way to fire the filter action when the user hits enter.

I try several things and none of them work, i also check the WebFilter, the FilterDelegateImpl and it seems there is not such thing as the collection of compnents that the users add to the filter, i was looking for this collection to add the changelistener event.

There is a way of doing this?


The filter already has a shortcut for “Apply” action. It is the “Shift + Enter”. Will that work for you?

Hello Max!

Exactly that shortcut for “Apply” was what i needed.
Also if i want to change the shortcut key combination, to just enter for example? Can i ? From where?

The shortcut for filter applying can be defined in the cuba.gui.filterApplyShortcut application property.

thank you very much! really helpful!