Spring config after deployment

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help.
I have some spring bean configurations that I need to be able to ‘over-ride’ after the application is deployed to a new environment - specifically in the middleware tier. I deploy using war files and my preference would be to change the location of spring.xml so it automatically explodes to the configuration directory and so I initially tried just changing the app.properties setting to
cuba.springContextConfig = +spring.xml
This, however, does not seem to work. Any help or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated

Hi Gary,

i think this is not a directly CUBA problem, but more a question on how to use an external spring configuration. Have you tried something like this:

  1. create a jar with your external spring.xml and an bean implementation (if not already part of the war)
  2. put the jar file (or just the spring.xml in case you just want to change the wiring of existing beans) in the lib directory of the tomcat
  3. use the import xml tag in the spring.xml within the war file to load the external file like this:

I haven’t tried it out, but i think this is a possible way to go.

Good luck!