Specific Permissions On Filters and Search Folders With Read Only Type

I am having issues getting a few permissions to behave the way I want. I have a default Role of “User” which is of type Read-only. I have another role “Row Agent” (type of Standard) which gives permissions to a few entities in the application and this is used in conjunction with the “User” role. The permissions on these other entities work as expected.

I am trying to create a third role which would give users the ability to create/modify Filters and Search Folders. I cannot seem to get this to work. The only explicit permissions I have set on the Filter and Search Folders is the Allow permission on the new role, I am still presented with an Access Denied error.

So I attempted to test with a simpler setup and explicitly set the Allow permission on Filter and Search Folder items directly on my “User” role and this still does not work, I still get Access Denied even when this role is the only one I am assigned. It appears that the Read-only type is preventing me from editing Filters no matter what explicit permissions I define.

Corey Amoruso

you have to set the permissions to the entities correspond to the Filter and Folders:

Great! That was the piece that I was missing. Thank you.