Source code of the platform?


first of all i have to tell you, that this framework / platform (or whatever you want to call it) totally blew my mind. I’ve looked around for ages to something like this, generic 1:1:N:M CRUD stuff. As you probably know there are a lot of attempts in this direction (like Django Admin Interface, (G)Rails scaffolding), but nothing did it right on associations like you did. So i would like to congratulate you for doing this kind of thing. Of course, the platform seems to deliver even more value as i just said, but nevertheless…

As reading your “Buy” section of the site, i was wondering if cuba is open source at all? The free license i see there (for 5 concurrent sessions) does not mean, it is an open source project, right? What i was wondering is, that when doing some development in the IDE with the platform, i get the sources. Which is pretty handy, to understand things like “” (which by the way i don’t understand fully and which is not mentioned in the docs either).

So my question is, is or will be cuba an open source project with sources at github e.g. like you did with YARG?


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Hi Mario,
Thank you very much for the warm words, this is really encouraging!
As for the licensing, at the moment we are planning to continue with the current commercial model.
Of course, this may limit the amount of potential CUBA developers, but this enables us to be sure that we will be able to provide high quality support for them. I also believe our pricing is more than affordable, considering time savings CUBA can bring.

If your question is related to the ability to have your own branch of CUBA code, we are planning to make it possible soon. We will provide read-only access to our source code repository, so you can make a copy of it and create your own fork if you need it, or submit patches to us.

Hey Andrey,

just to clarify a little: i thought in this case of “open source” just as “show me the sources - open source” and not “MIT License - open source” (which includes it’s free). And you are probably right, that since this is an project with a certain business purpose, money in general should not be the show stopper here (especially when getting this kind of times savings i noticed after playing with it for half an hour)…

In this sense, my question is related to the ability to show me the code. Doing some kind of forking / patching back seems reasonable to be, but i imagined that, since doing the licensing over license-files anyway, putting the code at Github should not be a problem (but im probably wrong here).

You mentioned commercial support. Is this the proposed way you are planning to give help to the community (just interested)? Like getting a license together with a support package kind of thing? Or do you see something like “” arising within the next months?

Hi Mario,
Sorry for delays in responses, we’re at Devoxx in London this week. We actually provide full source codes with the platform already, and we thought that this does the job for the “show the source” purpose. Can you explain what benefits will access to sources on GitHub bring?
As for support, it will always remain free via this forum, as it has been for over a year already via its Russian counterpart. You can just ask your questions here and we will answer as fast as we can.
We did not have experience of using stackoverflow for support yet to be honest, but this is something we are looking into as well.
Commercial support is only needed if you want more - like trainings, or dedicated help with your project, or certain contractual SLAs. We can even do the actual development using CUBA for you as part of commercial support.
Hope this helps!

Hello Andrey,

in fact, i can’t give you any explanation for putting it on github in particular, because there is none :slight_smile: i just thought of a more “browseable” form than through the IDE. But this is really just a minor thing, that is not really mention worthy.

Thanks for the info about the support.


Is there any more progress on opening up the repository? Having access to the buildable sources of the platform would make me feel a whole lot better about using CUBA to write the software that our business depends on.

Hi Dudley,
I am really sorry for late response - I have missed your question somehow! We provide access to read-only SVN repository for every commercial customer on request (as soon as you buy license).

I think there are some benefits:

  1. A development process is more transparent - it is possible to see which features are being developed, which issues have been submitted.
  2. It is possible to create pull requests.
  3. It is possible to download the project, apply changes, test it locally and propose them.
  4. It will be popular repository and it will give you some new customers

Actually I don’t see any disadvantages of putting it in github except that it will be a license security breach.

We are considering this option. Stay tuned :slight_smile: