Sort Transient entity attributed in datagrid

Hi support,
I tried to follow this topic Sorting generated columns - #5 от пользователя gorelov to insert a transient entity attribute in a table with sort function.

I add this filed in my entity

private String descrArt;

I implement getter and setter method

@MetaProperty(related = "codArt")
public String getDescrArt() {
    // code for getting descrArt  
    return descrArt;

public void setDescrArt(String descrArt) {
    // code for setting descrArt  
    this.descrArt = descrArt;

In my browse screen I add

When I open screen my table display correctly descrArt attribute.
It’s possibile also sort on this attribute but I’m be able to sort only one time on this column.
If I click on header column my table is ordered fordescrArt Ascending, If I click on header column another time nothing happens.

what is missing in my code?

I have doing another intresting test tring to start from this topic:

I following this example but I’m not be able to doing the same code in 7.2 version.

I don’t understand how to use datasupplier in 7.2 version.
I don’t find documentation

I create a class for load entity

public class artDataSupplier extends GenericDataSupplier {

    public <E extends Entity> List<E> loadList(LoadContext<E> context) {
        List<E> list = super.loadList(context);

        List<Art> customers = new ArrayList(list);
        int i = 1;
        for (Art customer : customers) {

        return list;


In my java class I understand that I must implement delegate method

@Install(to = “artsDl”, target = Target.DATA_LOADER)
private List artsDlLoadDelegate(LoadContext loadContext) {


How can I use dataManager and dataSupplier to return my artDataSupplier list?

Can you help me?
Thank’s for support

I doing other test.
I understood that for the first time the table is sorted by related attribute (for me “codArt”)

If I delete the line:
@MetaProperty(related = “codArt”)

My table is not more sorted by transient column.
In header filed I see order label arrow that change direction but the table order don’t change.