Some of group table elements dissapear after postCommit

I have overrided postCommit of AbstractEditor in my editor class, and I’m trying to groupTable.repaint() after committing to reload changes made for PlanDetails, but after postCommit it shows only 3 of 10 PlanDetails on groupTable. But when I run it with debug mode and put breakpoint on groupTable.repaint() line, it repaints correctly and all of 10 out of 10 PlanDetail objects displayed after postCommit. Seems like repainting need more time.
I tried detailsDs.refresh() and setting Thread.sleep() before after repaint, it seems not helpful.

    protected GroupTable<PlanDetail> groupTable;
    protected GroupDatasource<PlanDetail, UUID> detailsDs;

    protected boolean postCommit(boolean committed, boolean close) {
        if (committed && !close) {
        return true;

And there are no errors or messages in log. I’m working on cuba 6.8.9


Could you please attach a small demo project that reproduces the issue?