Single Sign-On with SAML


Does anyone have experience with doing SSO using SAML on the cuba platform? It seems that Haulmont is not going to provide built-in support for something like this according to the response in SSO (Single Sign On) with non CUBA apps - CUBA.Platform

A bit strange though as they aim for a platform for enterprise apps which in these days would need an SSO solution.

Anyway, I’m looking to contact anyone who is able to provide help on this topic.

Thanks for all responses in advance.

Hi ,

As you mentioned it right, such functionality would benefit the community, so it would be great if you could contribute such application component. :slight_smile:


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Fair enough :slight_smile:

I saw that you are providing application development services as well. Would this be something that could be developed by you?

It definitely can be developed. Feel free to contact me privately.