Simple CSV Report Template

I am trying to create a report which uses a simple CSV template and does not include any data. The generated report is to be used as a template for a custom importer I wrote. I want the template to save to a simple CSV file using commas as the separator.

I cannot get my report to save correctly. When the report is generated it is wrapping the list of header fields with double quotes (not individually but the whole list). This is causing the CSV to put all of the header fields into the first column instead of treating them like individual columns.

My source CSV looks like this: Stock Code,Serial #,Stock Location,PO#

When I run the report the CSV I get back looks like this: “Stock Code,Serial #,Stock Location,PO#”

The double quotes that are getting added forces Excel to treat these as a single column.

I have tried manually wrapping my source header names in double quotes individually like this: “Stock Code”,“Serial #”,“Stock Location” …

but the output is still the same, my quotes are removed and just a double quote is put at the beginning and another at the end of the file.

I have also tried creating my template as XLSX and using Cuba to convert to a CSV but I am seeing the same affect.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thank you,
Corey Amoruso

Hello @Corey.Amoruso,

How do you create your report?

I created an example report with separator ,:
Report for entity|attachment (2.5 КБ)


I created a simple template in Excel: AssetImportTemplate.csv (83 Bytes)

I have since switched my approach and am creating the CSV in code instead of relying on YARG and this is working.