SideBar Menu: where can I update mainMsg://application.welcomeText ?

In new SideBar menu there is a welcome message, where can I edit that for my own app message? I though it should be under branding inside app properties but didn’t see it! Thanks for the clue,


At the moment you can change it in your main message pack. Just define new value in inside your package of web module.

Also if you don’t want to use this label, just remove it from your generated layout of main window since it is just label with value in your XML.

Hi Yuriy
Thanks, I want to keep those text objects but want to modify it to my application text. I see one line is existing in file as follows located (In IntelliJ) project/modules/web/src/

mainMsg\://application.caption = Main Window

what would be the xml code that will override the default text “CUBA Application” and “Welcome to CUBA Application”?

See modules/web/src/com/company/web/ file. There you can define:

application.caption = Application
loginWindow.caption = App Login
loginWindow.welcomeLabel = Welcome to Home!
application.welcomeText = You are welcome!

It is the same file that is used for branding messages.

Hi Yuriy
I have updated accordingly and the welcome message worked but not the side menu caption. Is that using a separate option than application caption?
Here is the what i have updated:


As you can see in your ext-mainwindow.xml it has message key: application.logoLabel. Value for this key can be set in the same modules/web/src/com/company/web/ file.


Thank you

How can I change “CUBA Application” string ?


You can either change branding using CUBA Studio


or edit corresponding file located in the main message pack of web module.