Side Menu display broken when a new user logs in

I have an application that has been working fine when I log in as Admin. I am now getting close to deploying, so I created a couple of new users. When those users log in, the side menu does not display properly on the MainWindow.

I am attaching two files: working.png and not-working.png.

How can I fix this so all users see the “working.png” version of the screen?


PS. Is there a better way to include screen shots in a Topic?



SideMenu styles are not supported for Havana theme. I would strongly recommend that you use Halo theme instead. See also Migration from Havana to feature-rich Halo theme:

It seems that your default theme is havana. In order to fix it set cuba.web.theme application property to halo.

Yep – that was it. Thanks!