Side menu can not show all menu items

I have a side menu in the left, and there are many sub menu/menu items in it, currently it cannot show all menu items while I expand them.
Even worse, it can not show all item in one sub menu if there are too many items in it.
How to customize this? I tried to add a scroll box but it does not work.
Below is my file, there are so many items in the menu named “sideMenu” - i am using CUBA6.6.4
ext-mainwindow.xml (7.9 KB)

below is the snapshot


How many items do you have in sub menu?

More than 1000 in total

Hi Yuriy,
Any suggestions for me? Previously, when menu items been “hidden” user can collapse other menu group to make one group show all, but recentlly, one of the menu group has items increased, it cannot show even one menu group.

Hi Yuriy,
I managed to make it work, previously, I have below style but it does not work:

  .v-csslayout-c-sidemenu-wrap .c-sidemenu-submenu .c-sidemenu-submenu-open{
    max-height:100000000px !important;

I tried to use

 .c-sidemenu-responsive .c-sidemenu-submenu-open{
    max-height:4000px !important;

Now it works(I’m not familiar with css things:( . Thanks.


In this case I’d recommend that you disable CSS animations completely using the following CSS:

.c-sidemenu-submenu-open {
  max-height: initial !important;

  @include transition(none);