Show ":N" association in Table as a column


i sometimes have the case, that i want to show a CSV list of a relationship within a parent table.
An example of this would be: Customer --(Composition)–> Order
Then in the Customer browse screen i want to have a column “orders”, that does a CSV list of all the addresses. I know of the fact that ordering will not going to work properly, but that’s ok…

Unfortunately CUBA shows me a (for programmers understandable but not very fancy list of objects) of orders (see attached screenshot).

For the “addresses” field of the customer i fixed it myself. Would it be possible to get this behavior by default?
Attached you’ll find the project that shows the example and the solution with the Formatter class:

class InstanceNameCsvFormatter implements Formatter{
    String format(Object value) {
        def instanceNames = value*.instanceName
        instanceNames?.sort().join(", ")

That would be great.


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Hi Mario,

It makes sense, we’ll do it.


great, thanks!

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: