Show Instance Name in the browse screen of the instance

Is there a way of showing an Entity Instance Name in a browse table.

For eaxmple say I have a PhoneNumber entity that has Country, AreaCode and Number in it. I have a browse screen for this entity and I want to show the Instance Name which would be a merge of the fields and not columns of individual fields.

In the list of Properties for the columns in the table there is no InstanceName.



I think you can create a non persistent property where you in the getter rerutn the combined values / delegate to instanceName. But make sure that you reference the related attributes in the metaproperty annotation so that you dont get problems with views and unfetched attributes…

But it has some major drawbacks: you cannot filter on it anymore (especially with FTS this becomes a little strange)


Hi Mario

Thanks for that idea. I did discover the Generator for a column which might also do the trick.

Can you explain your FTS comment. I plan on using FTS so I’d like to make sure decisions along the way don’t mess too much with it.