Ship a Studio plugin within an app component

Based on official docs here:
it seems that the only way to add a custom component to Studio Palette is to follow that steps on each computer running the Studio app.

This isn’t ideal for add-on consumers… is there a way for an add-on package to install such “plugins” automatically when adding the app component in the host application?



Unfortunately, there is no such mechanism and, most likely, we will not introduce it for the current Studio. We will think about it in the future when Studio will be based on Intellij IDEA.

Ok, so trying to tackle this under a different angle:

is it possible to execute a custom task, defined in the app component itself, after adding it to a host project? Like a post-install hook, if you want…

If not possible today, I suggest to implement this in the upcoming plugin, with a safety question before running it (like: “do you trust running … bla bla?”). This opens a lot of options for add-on authors.