Share application components with the community via respository


i thought about the idea to be able to share application components so that other people can use it. Sharable application components could be something like the appointment example i created once, where this is just a bunch of business functionality. But it could also be something the controller-helper example which is just a little bit of java helper code in order to make controllers a little cleaner.

So technically it would just need a maven compatible repository in order to share the code if i get it right. In the grails world they had the exact same problem and solved it by hosting their own version of a plugin repository (in Grails 2.x) and in the current 3.x branch the plugins are hosted in bintray.

So here’s the question: Are you generally interested in caring about that and if so would it be possible and what would it take to enable such an eco system?

Thanks & Bye

Hi Mario,

We are certainly interested in creating a eco-system of application components, and moreover this is one of our primary goals for 2017. We are also going to write components ourselves, some of them will be free and some probably paid. And of course we are going to encourage others to create and share components.

The first thing in this direction will be to move our binary repository to a distributed platform like Bintray to improve fault tolerance and publishing process. After that we will set up a public repo for community components and make a UI for advertising/searching for components on the web site (or somewhere else - this is not defined yet).

This work will be started in February right after releasing 6.4.

Hi Konstantin,

thanks, i wasn’t aware of it. This is great, that it is already planned.

One thing that i’m not really sure of is that i encountered sometimes is that studio is not capable of downloading an application component from a private maven repository if it is not already locally installed (through studio). Unfortunately i have not more precise information about the situation at hand, but next time it occurs - i’ll send you logs.

Nevertheless, does studio need a special treatment in order to download the application components from such a central repo?

I’m really looking forward to it!


Now Studio requires that a component’s global artifact is available via simple Java URL connection to the corresponding URL formed from the repository URL and the path to the artifact. The same is true for platform artifacts, so if you work through a proxy repository, Studio will not see new versions of the platform until they are cached on the proxy.

Not sure that your problems are caused by this, but we are going to improve this mechanism anyway, probably using Gradle - it should be a single point for getting artifacts both for building project and for Studio.