Setting user's default Dashboard

I am now able to use the dashboard add-on to my application which is really exciting. Now I want to know how can we let the system administrator assign a particulare dashboard to specific user(s) which will be opened in the mainWindow like what you have in the demo app.

I see you have the following code in xml file:

                <dashboard:dashboard id="test"

It is rather hard coded. But what I am expecting that when we have multiple dashboards created through this add-on, I want to choose one for a user that can be changed by the administrator instead of hard-coded. Thanks for your help.

@mortozakhan I’m looking to achieve the same thing in our application. I’m keen to know if you ever had a response or found a solution.


Hi David
Unfortunately, not yet!!

Hi Mortoza

Thanks for the quick response. It’s a shame you haven’t had a response yet. I’ve asked another question to cuba regarding this so will let you know if I hear anything back.



you can have multiple dashboards in the main window if you will override the main window with a custom controller. Then in controller code insert dashboard frame for a correct dashboard.

Please find example in Adding dashboard to screen programatically - #3 от пользователя evgeny.zaharchenko - CUBA.Platform