Setting up Entity log


I need to log users activity and I found this in documentation. I think this is what I need.
So I tried to set up entity log, currently only for one entity.

  1. Setup
  2. Create
  3. Select entity and check all attribute
  4. Save

But after it, if I logged in with an other user, it did not logged the user’s activity.
What I missed? I need to update the database or restart my cuba application?
In documentation there is this:

The simplest way to set up the entity log is using the Administration > Entity Log > Setup application screen.
To set up logging for a certain entity, the corresponding entries should be added (I should?) into the SEC_LOGGED_ENTITY and SEC_LOGGED_ATTR tables.
The logging mechanism is activated by default.

And nothing else what I should do to make it work.



No, you have not to update a database or restart an application. You can configure logging on the Setup screen without executing some SQL scripts.

Did you click the Apply changes button on the Setup screen? Also, check that you choose correct time interval:


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