Setting restApiToken in polymer app


I’ve created a polymer client interface on a Cube application. This is intended for external users. I want to separate the authentication of external users from internal users.

What I’ve done thus far: I’ve implemented the custom authentication method as described in the documentation. I’ve created the custom polymer login screen. I can call the custom login method via an ajax call. I do get the API token generated by the custom login method.

My question is : How do I set the value of the app.restApiToken with the returned value for the polymer application ? This is set if the default Cuba polymer login element is used. My thinking is: If I can set this, then I can use the default Cuba polymer functionality.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Martin Oosthuizen


In cuba-login it is set internally in app.login(). If you use custom login endpoint you can set token directly

app.restApiToken = returnedToken;