Setter Dependency Injection with Array of Object

I have two entities:

  1. TestEn1
  2. TestEn2

TestEn1 ManyToOne TestEn2
TestEn1 has a screen with a search field with a link to TestEn2;
I need to set the dependence for spring on this field.

For example:
This field contains not only the list of values ​​from the TestEn2 entity, but also if you create the TestEn3 entity so that these values ​​are also there, or there will be some set of values ​​so that I can customize this list using spring;

In this link ( ), about what I need, but I can not figure out how to implement it on CubaPlatfrom;

Could you provide some sketch or code that illustrate your goal?
I just don’t understand what you mean by “to set the dependence for spring on this field”.