Set sort on view

Is it possible to set a sort order in a view in Studio?
I’d like to set a standard sort order on an entity, and it would make sense to do it at the view level instead of each screen.
In reading the manual, Creating Views - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual
it seems it’s possible to do this programatically, but the ViewBuilder doesn’t appear to have a method to address sorting.
Ideally, the standard ‘select e’ query in the xml descriptor file would use this standard sorting, but overide it if it included and ORDER BY clause.
Also, is it appropriate to build a view in the entity’s java file?

No, a view only defines a shape of the object graph. Sorting of the root entities should be defined in the JPQL query using the order by clause. Sorting of nested collections can be defined in the data model using the @OrderBy annotation.

Could you elaborate on this?

Per the example listed in the manual link of the OP, would it be appropriate to place the code below in the Order.Java file - the entity declaration? Or, is it only appropriate in to place such code in beans or controllers?

View view = ViewBuilder.of(Order.class)
       .addAll("date", "amount", "")

I wouldn’t recommend that. It will encourage you to use shared views, which we tend to avoid last time. Also, in a future version we may deprecate the static method of creating the ViewBuilder and a bean injection will be required, which is not possible in entity classes.
So better construct your views in beans or screen controllers, preferrably close to the code where they are used.