Service proxy creation from component projects

Hi Cuba Team,

My team is developing some an additional CUBA component for use in our projects and it seems to be working okay, with the exception of proxies for services from the component not being created by the WebRemoteProxyBeanCreator unless we specify each component service by name in the main project’s web-spring.xml.

Obviously all the cuba services are being initialized automatically in projects. Is there a way to initialize our services from components in this manner so we don’t need to redundantly do it in each project that uses the component?


Hi Ryan,

Are these services registered in the web-spring.xml of the component? Is property cuba.springContextConfig specified in the app-component.xml for the web block in the component?

Hi Konstantin, thanks for the response.

Based on your questions, it seems there’s nothing I’m necessarily doing wrong so I made sure my component project was cleaned, rebuilt and uploaded the archives to our maven repository again. Sure enough, the service proxy get initialized this time.