Service method how to call view

In service method, I have to call view when hit rest api using service method invocation(GET)

What do you mean by view? If a UI screen, it’s impossible.
If you explain your situation in more details, we will try to propose a solution.

For Example, I have created Service implementation like this

public List<Employee> getEmployees() {
        List<Employee> employees= null;
        try (Transaction tx = persistence.createTransaction()) {
            EntityManager entityManager = persistence.getEntityManager();
            TypedQuery<Employee> employeeTypedQuery = entityManager.createNativeQuery("SELECT * FROM cpreading_employee",Employee.class);
            employees = employeeTypedQuery .getResultList();
        return employees;

Then I hit rest api like mapping entity is not return in JSON

Why do you use native SQL and not JPQL in the query text?

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Because , I need to return deleteTs and deletedBy value in JSON

Just use entityManager.setSoftDeletion(false) and your JPQL queries will return all entities including soft deleted.

Thanks , If I use JPQL Query Its working fine. But mapped entity value is not return in JSON.

For example I have two entity Employee and Project

In Project entity employee attribute is mapped with Employee Table.

So, If I hit Project Entity using JPQL query employee attribute is not return in JSON

Give any sample example for that