Service is not registered in LocalServiceDirectory

Hey CUBA team,

I’ve cloned the sample-user-registration project and wanted to recreate it to better understand its inner workings prior to implementing in a project I need to do. Since the README file isn’t very in-depth, I’ve been fumbling around mostly, and copy/pasting from the sample project.

I thought I had the service created correctly, but when I put the user registration information in and click ‘Register’, it throws an exception. My log file shows the following information, which indicates the service is not registered in LocalServiceDirectory:

I’m hoping someone can interpret the log file to point me in the right direction for a fix.

Edit: If the attachment is hard to read, here’s a pdf of it:
ServiceNotInLocalServiceDirectory.pdf (25.3 KB)

Thanks in advance!

I found the issue. It was, of course, something stupid. I checked the service interface in the global module, and found that I hadn’t changed the project name of the service name from the sample project.