Server terminated

I can not start cuba application. in the catalina.out log, after Initializing ExecutorService ‘scheduler’ step, server terminated. Do you have any suggestion for the problem? I can run cuba application as usual but today I got this error. Thanks.
Update: if I clone the project to another place, and I import project in new folder, it works again so how I can clean the project. I execute task clean but i still get error.

Most likely there is a problem in the catalina.out log, you just didn’t noticed it.
E.g. 8080 port occupied by another application.
Can you post catalina.out contents here?

Thanks for your reply. No there is no information in catalina.out log. But I found small message info on the bottom right of IDE. When I clicked there, I found the problem with plugin and I sent report to Cuba platform. I remove some add ons and now it works again.