Server Log - log files not visible in Jelastic deployment

Deployed application in jelastic environment. Application is working fine - all screens functional. However sever log not visible please refer screenshot. Think some configuration is missing. Please let me know which one and where to set it.



Which version of the platform do you use?
Have you modified the logDir application property?
Try to connect to your cloud environment using Jelastic administrative panel and check which settings are in conf/ file.
Also, check it the logs are available.

Thanks for response.

I am using platform-6.7.2. Haven’t changed logDir application property. Log file s are available under logs directory in catalina base. Attaching file,

Abhishek (3.5 KB)

Appreciate any more pointers. How can I get server logs?


We have probably found the cause of the problem.

Which value have you specified in the “App home” property of deployment settings?
If it differs from default “…” logs might be not found as “cuba.logDir = ${app.home}/logs” is written to


To solve the problem try to add ‘cuba.logDir’ : ‘${catalina.base}/logs’ to app properties map.

task jelasticBuildWar(type: CubaWarBuilding) {
    appHome = 'app'
    webXmlPath = 'modules/web/web/WEB-INF/single-war-web.xml'

    appProperties = ['cuba.automaticDatabaseUpdate' : true, 'cuba.logDir' : '${catalina.base}/logs']

    includeJdbcDriver = true
    includeContextXml = true
    hsqlInProcess = true

Or set this property at runtime: find /opt/tomcat/webapps/${Context}/WEB-INF/ and specify “${catalina.base}/logs” there.