Serve static content using docker uber jar

Hi, I am doing docker deployment using uber jar method. Is there a way I can configure the server to also serve static content? In my case, there are images that I reference in some HTML labels within my application. Sorry if this is a dumb question. When deploying to Tomcat, I usually just put the images in the webapps directory. I am not very experienced with Docker.

UberJar was developed as a simple way to deploy and launch the CUBA application.
It is not meant to be fully configurable web server.

In your case - it would be better to assemble CUBA application as single WAR file.
Then deploy CUBA WARs as well as static web content to the web server such as Tomcat or Jetty. Then you will be able to make use of all features of these web servers, as well as knowledge base spread out in the internet.

There are plenty of “deploy to tomcat in docker” guides on the internet, e.g.