Select a row in the table

Hi guys :slight_smile: I have a column with links, and I need to do when clicking on opening a file… at the moment it is implemented as follows

The problem is that if you click on the link , it will be NPE, since there is no line selection. How do I make sure that when you click on a link, the line that the link belongs to is highlighted, and then my method. Thanks.

        Runtime.getRuntime().exec("explorer.exe /select," 
             + listAttributesesTable.getSingleSelected().getLinkDownload());

If i get your requirement correctly you can use linkinvoke. See here Table - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

I am using it to show link to download a file directly from browse table…



That 's right, I use it, but when you click on the link, there is no line selection.

And if I have that from the selected table row:


Why are you using getsingleselected. Can’t you use -

Customer customer = (Customer) item;

as mentioned in example code?



Thank you , I had the documentation downloaded locally, but I didn’t pay attention to this method using the link . Once again, thank you !