Seems the Hot Deploy mechanism used incorrect file encoding for source file

Hi Team,

Some developers from Chinese forum reported that in case of the source file have Chinese characters and syntax mistake ,then the console will print some garbled characters when hot deploying,like below:


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Could you take a look?


Hi! Thank you for reporting the problem. I have created new issue in our bug tracker.

Hi @shustanov ,

I noticed the state of the issue is “Can’t Reproduce”, but the problem is really exists. If need any help,feel free to let me know.


Hi! Sorry for long silence. Could you provide your OS version and localization settings?

Hi @shustanov,

I checked the issue again,it still exists.
My Environment:

OS: Windows10 Professional ,18363
I’m not sure what you mean about “localization settings”, so i provided some information that i guessed :
I used following code to check the Locale setting :
Locale l = Locale.getDefault();
l.getDisplayCountry() return “中国”
l.getDisplayLanguage() return “中文”
l.toString() return “zh_CN”