Screen versions?


  1. Can I add one screen into different menu?
  2. How can the program know which screen is opened under which menu.
    For example, I want the filter of a browser screen is A if it is opened under menu A and the filter of it is B if it is opened under menu B. I don’t need to create two duplicated browser screen.


  1. You can edit application menu in ‘open web menu’
  2. You can define it in your datasource by using :param
    image - in this case my datasource filtering entities by passed WindowParam ‘contract’
    And than you need to pass this parameter. Again in web menu config:


In case you only want to switch on filter settings: you can also go the CUBA way and dont develop anything. Instead just use out of the box features. In case it will be “search folders“, “application folders“ … they cover your case and are much more advanced and configurable.


Thank you very much.

How can I do it? Thank you.