Screen layout with SplitPanels


I designed a custom screen using the screen designer. When I run the application for the first time [first.PNG], the screen works the way I want (20/80 split of the area on the left). When I run the application again, the area is split 50/50 [app.PNG]. Seems like a bug?



app (236.2K)

It is the happened because your splitPanel components do not have an id’s. If you open app.log file in the Server Log screen you will see this warning:

2017-05-19 16:38:51.345 <b>WARN</b> &#91;http-nio-8080-exec-15&#93; com.haulmont.cuba.gui.components.WindowDelegate - Names of some HasSettings components clashed, set Id for component explicitly, name=WebSplitPane

So, if you add an id’s for your components, everything will work fine.
In the future, we will improve Split panel and similar components to make theirs set up more convenient.