Screen generation template

In Studio v 6.x there was an option to edit project-specific template which we could use in generating screens. Initially, there was no option to use such project specific template in Studio v7 but in the recent version, we see it’s back but there is no option to copy from standard or edit the custom template. When can we expect that will be available in the Studio?

Hi! Thank you for reporting the problem. I created youtrack issue.

Thanks @shustanov. Hope to see the target version and it’s delivered soon.

yes that is great plus. We starting to design our standard screens for all application and now require all time to modify. For example my screens are all master detail where detail is a fragment, where I use also for a classic configuration browser and edit. If I had the ability to create a template to generate screens, the productivity would be really high.

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FYI - it was yesterday in YouTrack postponed with following comment:

“postpone for some time, no demand from users”


Was there any survey done to assess this untrue customer demand info rather opinion of someone? This is very useful and i had be using a lot for my projects.

Thanks everyone for expressing your requirements.
We will raise the priority of this ticket.


Thank you

Hi Alex
The there is still no new note in the youtrack thread that this is now prioritized, though we see it is under release 13 I.e next one. I’m eagerly waiting for this feature back!

While we’re going to get in next version release, is there any workarounds for the time being to get the template Copied/edited?


As a workaround, you can create and edit templates in CUBA Studio 6 and then copy them into studio-templates folder in your project.

i Guess you mean that will work for v7 screen generation wizard, right?

Where is the standard v7 templates located that I can copy from?

Hi @shustanov
I see my project templates in Studio 12 but obviously those were created in V6.x. To start with, I want to copy the template used in Studio 12 and modify it before using it as Project Template. Please let me know the location and file name for the Studion 12 Editor and Browser templates.