Screen Creation Error

I have an entity that was originally called ‘Packages’. I created an edit and browse screen for Packages but later deleted them. I changed the entity name from ‘Packages’ to ‘Package’. I am now trying to create a screen for ‘Package’ but I get the attached screen. The screen it thinks are conflicting have been deleted and just aren’t there. What can I do to tell the Studio that the original ‘Packages’ screens are deleted and I can create the new ones?


It seems that you deleted your screens manually without using Studio, so the information about these screens is still saved in screens.xml. To avoid the appearance of the ‘Resolve conflict window’ screen just click the ‘Replace conflicting screen’ button in the dialog window and Studio will rewrite all information. Another way is to delete the information about your previous screens manually from screens.xml.

I tried to hit “Replace conflicting screen” but that is when the “conflicting screen not found” error pops up. I also did a text search for “packages-edit”, “packages-browse”, “package-edit”, and "package-browse. There are no references to those names in any file in my studio project folder. I also found all occurrences of “screens.xml” but none of those files had any mention of the conflicting screen. I don’t know where it is at. What are some other steps I can take for this?

This problem occurs because you using reserved Java keyword ‘package’. So you should rename your entity once again without using reserved words.