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I have a problem with my application. When I open a screen It often collapses, the components are layered above each other. On a custom screen usually a refresh fixes it, but for example the new Report screen looks like:

As you can see there are a lot of errors on the browsers console.
On Mozilla the errors are:

Thu Jan 11 11:16:37 GMT+100 2018 com.vaadin.client.ApplicationConnection
SEVERE: Warning: your widget set seems to be built with a different version than the one used on server. Unexpected behavior may occur.
Thu Jan 11 11:16:51 GMT+100 2018 com.vaadin.client.communication.MessageHandler
SEVERE: Error handling type data (TypeError) : $wnd.jQuery is not a function

And here is an example of a custom screen where the third button (Fileupload button) won’t show:

Do you have any solution for this?
Thanks in advance,

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Hello Julia,

Please clarify what version of CUBA do you use?


Hi Daniil,

I’ve just updated my Cuba Studio version so it’s 6.7.6.
The project platform version is platform-6.7.2.

Thanks for the help,

It’s strange. I’ve created a test project and everything is ok:

Do you have a web-toolkit module in your project? It seems that you have problems with a widgetset.

Also, try to rebuild and restart a project with the following command:
gradle clean dropTomcat setupTomcat deploy start.

It would be nice if you share a demo project where the problem can be reproduced.


Hi Daniil,

I have run the gradlew clean dropTomcat setupTomcat deploy start command and it fixed it!

Thank you!