Scheduled Problems - DEV and Localhost environment

Hello Cuba team,

I have problems with the execution of a scheduled task.
I have a task that runs in 5 minutes. Localhost and Dev use same database. After depoloy of the DEV environment, the Dev server scheduled task menu is filled with the same parameters like the localhost because I suppose the task are looking at the parameters in the sys_scheduled_task and sys_scheduled_execution. The column last_start_server is filled with
localhost: 8080 / admin-core.

The problem is when I run a localhost to execute task and then I run the DEV server they run simultaneously, but I want to run task only into DEV.

Should I fill in the sys_scheduled_execution or sys_scheduled_task table with the DEV’s address? And what was going to be right url?


I solved my problem as I used scheduled task type ‘Fixed Delay’.
But now the email scheduled task sender sends two emails from localhost and from DEV enviroment when scheduled job triggered.
Any suggestions?