Saving unsaved changes notification

Hello Team

I am jotting down my issue while closing the browser page of an entity.Please find the below details and help me fixing the same.

After opening the browser of an entity the list of data comes and while closing it I find a notification “Do you want to discard unsaved changes?”,even though I haven’t made any changes.
I found the reason of the issue i.e in the entity we have some attributes which carry “code” as well as “description” fields .In the database “codes” are being saved,while we are converting the “codes” into “values(description)” through data source (coding in IDE).And this creates a mismatch and hence the notification comes out.
So how can we resolve this?Can we make “setModified” of the data source and go ahead,because we are unable to do so.

Alka Mishra

Hi Alka,
If you don’t need to save changes in your datasource, just set its “allowCommit” attribute to false (in Studio, unselect the “Allow commit” checkbox).