Sample working code for Rest API for CRUD operations

Hi there,
Can anyone point me to a sample working code that demonstrates how to use the REST API for CRUD operations?
Assuming there is a data entity (e.g. Orders) and its associated Browse and Edit screen. (please see attachment). I would like to build a simple REST service that can create/edit/delete records from the Orders database table.
Thanks for your time and help!

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i assume you want to have a sample for client access code since the API server code is already there with every project, right?

In this case, it depends on your client language. Here i created an example with javascript.
Additionally i wrote a general description on how this stuff works and how to interact with the API in this blog post: Improvements in CUBAs REST API v2.

When you have a look at postman and import the swagger infos into it, you can easily generate scaffold code for API clients through postman for the most common languages.


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