Sample Time Sheet Downloading Many Files?

I have been cloning one of your sample project named Time Sheet from here by using Cuba Studio:

and it displayed the confirmation dialog that asking me a question whether to update the Gradle, and I chose Yes. After that Cuba Studio downloaded so many .jar files and it took about more than 20 minutes. The downloading process is actually working, but it took very long time.

Is this normal? Can I cancel this download process?

Welcome to the Java world…
Every time when you open project with new libraries not yet cached on your machine, prepare for downloading lots of them.

On my computer opening timesheets sample took maybe 7 minutes. So it depends on the speed of your internet connection and your geographic location.

Yes, it is normal. Of course you can, but the project will not be opened correctly without libraries.

Hey Alex,

Thanks for your reply.

All right, then. This is absolutely new for me, since I usually use PHP to build web applications. My favorite tools is PHPMaker, and I have been learning Cuba Platform for about the last two months.