SAML Addon Version For Cuba 7.1

According to the SAML addon overview page this addon supports Cuba versions v6.10-7.2. Do all versions of the addon support these Cuba Versions or do we have to stick with older versions of the addon if we are on an older version of Cuba?

Our scenario: We are currently utilizing Cuba v7.19 and SAML addon v0.3.1. We have found that one of the dependencies ( introduced in this version of the SAML addon is introducing a slew of unnecessary dependencies, many with known vulnerabilities.

Newer versions of the saml2-core have removed these unnecessary dependencies and we would like to move to a newer version of the addon but when I try to upgrade my SAML addon version number it is forcing an update to my core Cuba components as well.

Do we have any options for upgrading our SAML addon while remaining on Cuba 7.19?

Thank you,
Corey Amoruso