Same Tomcat but more Projects

Hi CUBA team,

If I have a project deployed on a Tomcat server. And I want to extends the project into 2 child projects then hosted with the same Tomcat server. Are there any link for this?


Project : WMS
Tomcat :

Project : WMS - Client A
Tomcat :

Project : WMS - Client B
Tomcat :

The tomcat ports should be different right?
Anything need to be modified?

In addition, if I have 4 tomcat servers similar to and each tomcat servers is hosting 3 projects mentioned above. Is it possible? The reason to do this is I want let our clients use it before switching to their servers (simple, save our server cost).

Thanks for helping up :slight_smile:

Hi Adam,
You can deploy multiple applications on the same Tomcat server if you give them different names. The default name of a CUBA webapp is “app”, and you can change it at design time in Studio using Project properties > Advanced > Modules prefix field.

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