SAAS - new role which is default for a group


I have a question which is related to this saas topic.

I created a newRole for a newClient. When I create a new user for that newClient, then how can I succeed this: If newClient group is selected, the newRole is automatically added to the user’s roles?
Can it done in the webapp or I have to program it?

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you can set that your newRole is default role and this role will be added to all new users.

To check whether newRole should be added for new user considering some specific logic you should override the addDefaultRoles method of the UserEditor class.

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Okay, I have another problem with this role.
At Roles, at Screens I denied many screens. And these are not appear in the menu. It’s okay.
But when I make this with url (when I am logged in with a user who has new role): http://localhost:8080/app/open?screen=storaged.browse then it is appear, but it shouldn’t, because I denied in roles…
This user has 3 roles. 1 is the new role, with denied the Storage screen, but the another 2 is not set explicit permissions on Storage.
So what else do I need to deny?