SaaS example - 'client' attribute not found


I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction here, as I am very new to the platform and I am in the process of recreating the SaaS example project to aid me in learning the system.

I have implemented the StandardClientEntity mappedSuperclass, however when I am setting up the Access Group clauses I am being thrown an error when setting up the entity clauses. It reads:

“org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.JPQLException: Exception Description: Problem compiling [select e from saas$DataFile e where e.client = :session_client_id]. [39, 47] The state field path ‘e.client’ cannot be resolved to a valid type.”

The ‘client’ attribute is not visible on the available attributes list of the DataFile entity.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance,


Hi, Is the Parent Class for your DataFile entity set to StandardClientEntity?

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It was set to standardEntity… Figured it was some sort of inheritance or import issue.

Thank you so much!

No problem. I’m new too and had been looking at the same sample recently.

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