SAAS application

SAAS sample app here looks simple to implement but I have one question. In this case where the single database is used for multiple clients, how can we address the data backup needs of multiple clients? Is there any way here or we have apply multi-tenant database approach?

Can you elaborate on that? What do you mean exactly?

I think the answer is obvious but let me explain what I meant.

suppose my SaaS has 5 different clients where all those clients (companies/customers) has their own data in the same database. One client came up with a request to provide a complete set of data backup from database as they want to switch from cloud to on-premise server. the question would be how? write programme to deal with this?

I think this can only be solved by developing a custom data export utility for a client from a multi-tenant database…

That’s the only possibility i was thinking of. Otherwise, tenant per database option which will be more complex…

Is anyone has suggestion on data export utility, any open source stuff around?