Running Cuba Application under Tomcat's ROOT context

I am trying to deploy my application under Tomcat’s ROOT context so that I may access my application with
http://localhost:8080 rather than http://localhost:8080/myapp.

I followed the suggested method found here: and created a new ROOT.xml file which points to my application directory which I have moved out of the webapps folder into a new folder named “application”.

Tomcat starts fine and seems to deploy my application however there is a problem accessing the Vaadin components. Upon loading the webpage I am presented with a blank screen and several errors similar to the one below are logged to the Catalina.log file.

Is there another recommended approach to running a Cuba application under the root context of Tomcat that gets around this Vaadin issue?

The error messages are similar to this:
com.vaadin.server.VaadinServlet.isAllowedVAADINResourceUrl Blocked attempt to access file:file:/C:/Tomcat/Customer/webapps/…/application/xam/VAADIN/themes/v/styles.css

Please follow the documentation: