Run SAML add-on sample with https

Hi Support team,

I ran successfully saml add-on sample from Github: GitHub - cuba-platform/saml-addon-demo: This demo application demonstrates the usage of SAML CUBA add-on..
The url to access to it is http://localhost:8080/app. Now I want to use it with an IDP and the IDP requires the url need to be https. How can I configure the sample to run as https?

Hung Vu

Hi @hungvu,

Is question still relevant? I found a similar thread (Https access for CUBA app on localhost - CUBA.Platform) where you had found the solution. In this case, you should do the same steps.


Hi Mikhail,

I think the question is solved with the link you gave.
I should notify it. Thanks for your support.

Hung Vu