Run CUBA automatically when windows start

Hello all,

I want that a specific application server starts automatically when my windows start. There is any way to do that?

Can someone help me?

Thank you


did you see WAR deployment to Tomcat Windows Service - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual? When use install tomcat as a windows services (as described in the docs), you can let the windows service start at windows start (see more information as well here:


Hello Mario,

Thank you for your time! It helped me a lot!

Hello Mario,

I have problem when changing Cuba ports. If I use the default port (8080) when installing Apache Tomcat it works fine. But I need to use the 8080 port to other service. My Cuba project is using the following ports:
HTTP port: 8081
AJP port: 8010
Shutdown port: 8006
Debug port: 8788

When I installed Apache Tomcat I used the same ports (8081, 8010, 8006)

Can you help me?

Thank you

Im facing the same problem.

In my 8080 port I have the Tomcat from Pentaho. And I run the Tomcat from cuba in 8081.

Does anyone can help me?

Igor, you should be able to deploy your Cuba war files to the same Tomcat instance Pentaho is running on (copy it to the webapp folder).