RSS Feed for the Forum


since the forum is not really good readable on mobile phones, i thought if it would be possible to create an RSS feed so i can use it within RSS readers (like it is done with the stack overflow question feed:

Would that be possible? That would be great.


Hi Mario,

Thanks for the feedback. You can use the following link for RSS subscription: (it also has been added to the right sidebar).

Thank you - that was easy :smiley:

Hi @mario,

There are two updates on the subject.

Actually, the design of new forum is adaptive, so we made a step to smooth mobile use :slightly_smiling_face:.

Note for RSS: it still works, but use different URLs. The main concept is:

  1. you choose the favorite URL, for example:

  2. then add .rss to the URL’s end:
    and use it.

Best regards,