Row fields of Entity in Table or Grid columns

I have the entity as attached image file table1 where sales by date needs to be populated in a table or grid where the table column will represent date as per the attached image file: table2. Note that, I need this display to be editable/ persist-able.

I looked at time-sheet example looking for something simple and not for just a week but e.g. a year! I
thanks for any suggestions.



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Hello, Mortoza!

I would recommend using Table columns to represent Customers and rows to represent dates because a large number of columns decrease performance and less convenient. You can add buttons to navigate previous or next month/year or whatever period you need. It’s all ruled by your code. You can see an example of configuring such navigation button in Timesheets app.

Alternatively, you could search for some JavaScript component what meets your needs and integrate it.



Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.13.38

I do not need this by date but at higher level e.g. month, quarter, year etc. There are many business application usage where the timeline is required to be displayed on the column level instead of row level. for example, budget. Whether you display financial result data or sales performance, months, quarters years etc. are displayed on columns. Generally when we have data, they are at transaction level by date by when I want to generate a summarized form or reports where the period (say month) is on column, how can we bring them up.

2nd scenario is, how can we have an editable table with months/years on column and when i save it, those months/years are saved at row level?

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