Role Management by Standard user: Permission box is inactive - a bug?

I have a role defined as admin for user groups which is not a Super user role but Standard. I want this user-role to be able to create or maintain other roles. This user can allow-deny different menu to roles by table short-cut menu as you can see in the image below but the permission checkbox on the right is inactive. Is it a bug?


Thanks for your help.

Could you please create a simple role with restrictions that demonstrates the issue and share it with us? You can export it from the “Roles” screen by the Export button.

If you try to make changes by context menu when permission menu is inactive you’ll get “Access denied” notification at attempting to save changes. This is the expected behavior.

I can use the context menu that works well though. It can be noted here that I am using multitenant appComponent, anything related that I have to extend to multitenant?