Roadmap for version 6.9

As usual, our short-term roadmap is a set of issues in YouTrack assigned to a particular milestone. You have read-only access to it.

We accept bug reports here on the forum and link them to YouTrack issues so you will be able to track an issue history, milestone, fix version and so on.

Also, please use the Ideas forum category to share your thoughts on what should be implemented in the platform and Studio. Most liked ideas will be considered as highly prioritized candidates to be included in the roadmap for the next or future releases.

Release 6.9 is scheduled for May, 2018. The beta version will be available in April.

Below are the filters to view issues currently assigned to the release 6.9:

The list of planned features is not very impressive this time because we are going to concentrate on the major version 7 which will be released this year. Our long-term roadmap will be published in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve not been a CUBA user for long and I am starting a new project in CUBA on version 6.8.

When version 7 comes out later in the year will there be possible to upgrade without too much pain and take advantage of the new features?

Yes you will be able to upgrade. We cannot guarantee effortless migration, but you will have a list of all potentially breaking changes and a clear instruction for what to do with them. As usual, some of the migration steps will be done by Studio automatically.

So in terms of backward compatibility upgrade to version 7.0 will not be much different from upgrade for example from 6.7 to 6.8.

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Thanks for clearing that up. I’ve not experienced a major CUBA version jump yet.